How to pick the color of your furniture

How to pick the color of your furniture

This blog post is the first in a series of blog posts by FurnitureGuilt ( that will educate consumers on high-level furniture topics such as design and placement as well as specific information such as the difference between bonded leather and full grain leather. Our goal is to educate consumers so they are better informed when making decisions and as always Furniture Love is a Guilty Pleasure.

Choosing furniture color is one of the most difficult tasks since it usually happens either before you decide on the furniture that you want to buy and it influences your purchase or after you have picked the style and your victim to whatever is available. Either way it is usually a limiting factor of some sort. Why you may ask? Usually its because most of us are terrified of anything other than neutral colors. Walls are usually left contractor white or off white and furniture colors are usually neutral with only limited coordination. The exact opposite of that extreme also exists when we decorate without a plan and end up with too many competing colors and styles.


It is important to remember that furniture sets the character of the room so there are two scenarios; the first is some variation of a redesign or move in and the second is when you are replacing furniture.

If you fall in the move or redesign you have full opportunity to explore the gamut and choose exactly the kind of furniture that you want and opt for something that may be brighter colored such as variations of green, blue, orange and red. By exploring the color options, you can decorate accent furniture and furniture accessories with considerably more options. If your replacing furniture, it may be a bit tougher to explore color options but you should still try to explore the extremes of the neutral colors with variations of greys, beige and the very versatile two-tone option.

 Guilty Tips:

  • When choosing colors, consider other colors in your home
  • If your redecorating, use variations of brighter colors whenever possible
  • Consider two-tone furniture for change of style while staying neutral
  • Get throw cushions and blankets to add personality and color variations
  • Be prepared with furniture and color options before you buy, it will save you time in the store or when shopping online

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