Buying a Mattress, Tip Part 1

Mattresses, there are hundreds of options and most of us usually settle for whatever is at a good price. While being price conscience is important, this is the single piece of furniture that you will use more in your lifetime than any other, certain estimates place it as much as a third of your life on a mattress. The right process is to understand what options are available and make an informed decision based on your specific needs and then to find the best possible price for it.

In this series of blog posts we’ll try to explain the main features of most mattresses and the technology behind them with the anticipated outcomes of each so that you can better choose the right mattress for you. There’s a ton of advertising done on mattresses with many claims by companies so lets go over what’s important when picking your new favorite mattress.

Doctors’ opinions are important– if you have any health conditions or visit a physical therapist, ask for their recommendation. While doctors are not sleep experts by any means, they know your medical conditions and can make suggestions as to the potential problems that can arise from specific mattress types and materials.

Bad back doesn’t mean firm mattressJust because you may have a bad back and conventional wisdom dictates that a firm mattress is the way to go, there is a big difference between support and firmness. For any back problems, you should go for a mattress with firm support but a comfortable feel (based on your preference). Pillow tops are an important consideration here so make sure you go through a process to find the right mattress that fits your need.

Pillow tops may not be the top choicePillow tops have become a sensation between euro-pillow tops and many others but there are cases in which pillow tops are not necessary. Very lightweight people for example don’t need a thick pillow top on their mattress since they require a minimum threshold for compress the foam enough to get the to the mattress. Choose a pillow top that makes sense for you, if you feel that you have always had a problem with a non-pillow top mattress not providing enough support, try one with a smaller pillow top and move your way up.


That’s it for this week, we’ll add more features to consider next week and as always, here are some Guilty Tips:

Guilty Tips:

  • Before considering price, choose the mattress type and comfort level that is right for you
  • Consult a doctor if you have health concerns or have had health problems in the past
  • Don’t get a mattress because of rumors, choose based on comfort
  • Consider all option and blur out marketing terms like pillow tops until you know its what you need

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