Buying a Sofa Guide: Don’t feel Guilty, buy the right one

What sofa to buy is an often underrated question. There are many decisions that need to be made, mainly based on how you intend to use the sofa, what is your personal preference and what sofa style would best suit your décor. You can reasonably expect your new sofa to last for years so let’s take a look into the possible styles and shapes, usage, quality and budget.

Firstly, you need to think about when and how you use your sofa. If you intend to use this sofa every day, it needs to be hardwearing and comfortable. If it’s for a spare bedroom or a guest suite, then durability is not so vital. Do you like to sit back or do you prefer to sit more upright? Deep seating will suit a taller person, whilst shallow seating will help someone with a bad back or knees to get up more easily.

Having considered what you’re going to use it for and who will use it, think about where you intend to put your sofa. Think about the space available in your room. You don’t want to impede foot traffic through the room or make people have to walk around the furniture. It’s very important to ensure that you measure you available space before you go shopping, otherwise you risk trying to squeeze a large sectional unit into a tiny area!


The fabric that your new sofa is made from, along with the color and pattern choice, is very important. To keep your sofa looking good as new, choose a fabric that is long-lasting and durable. Microfiber, cord and leather are hardwearing choices and would suit well if your sofa is to be used every day or by children. You should bear in mind that textured surfaces and patterns such as chenille or damask show wear less than smooth fabrics.

Natural colors tend to suit any environment, but be wary of choosing white because it will show up marks and dirt. Bright colors may be fashionable today, but what about in five years time? And choosing something to fit with your color scheme is great, but what happens if you paint your walls?

More luxurious and high maintenance options such as silk or suede are best reserved for areas that are used less frequently or for families where there are no young children.

Depending on your choices for the previous factors, the decision about quality and budget may already be made. However, it’s worth considering that a well-made sofa could last you twice as long as a more budget model and so any savings made may be cancelled out by having to replace a cheaper one at an earlier stage. The basic rule of thumb is to make sure to buy the best quality that you can afford, as you’ll live with your purchase for a long time. A sofa should last around ten years, so take the time to make the right decision

Guilty Tips:

  • Think about how you will use your sofa before decide on style, color or fabric
  • Microfiber, cord and leather are durable and last about twice as long but will cost more
  • Colors are important, take into account how you will continue to use it in the future

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